So I was chatting with a bunch of pals at work about senior projects, and on a whim I looked up my old senior film! Y’know, it’s got some very rough spots— I had only just figured out how to set up/animate characters in After Effects, and wonderful plugins like DuIK weren’t available, or at least visible, yet— but on the whole it’s still kinda charming, and I’m still hecka proud of hand making a three-minute, fully voiced cartoon by myself.

It also has a robot girl get turned into a fez, which is fun.

So anyway, you should check it out! It’s not the worst way to spend 3 minutes, and that’s pretty good for a starting-out cartoon, really.

Some warmup sketches of Phist Punchington and Stella Hellabad from Pack the Pack! I dunno why, but thinking about what the characters stuff into their bags for the quest helps me get into character?

Pack the Pack is basically Diablo’s Inventory Screen + Puzzle Fighter matching + a dumb happy puppy. Here’s a video of folks playing it!

It’s great and it’s got a Kickstarter going right now, so check it out!

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Pack the Pack is a really cool tabletop game by my pal Meg, who’s part of a teeny indie game company called Games by Playdate. It’s a brilliant mix of D&D, Puzzle Fighters and Resident Evil inventory tetris, played with clackity dominoes and shouting. It’s dumb, fun, and GREAT, and it’s been my pleasure to be its illustrator!

If the name sounds familiar to you, it was a finalist on Season 1 of Cards Against Humanity’s Tabletop Deathmatchcheck out its episode and a great interview with Meg here— and I’ve been posting a bunch of art on my Tumblr from it for the past month, and will be posting more as the campaign goes on!

Games by Playdate are great folks. They are the kind of clients who told me to make the characters in Pack the Pack as racially and gender diverse as possible, because their passion is making games for everybody. They’re great people that make good things that make the world a little bit better, and they’re exactly the kind of people I try to support with my own money.

For my part, this is my first direct involvement in a Kickstarted project, and I’m excited and nervous and thrilled about it. Please repost this blog! Getting the word out is the best way to get this project in front of people who love great games. And if you have the spare cash, please back it! You’ll be really glad you did. Thank you so much!


LEAKED: Transcript of Michael Bay’s EVANGELION Trailer

So, I heard today there’s a rumor that Michael Bay wants to direct a live-action Evangelion movie. I can confirm this as true. I have, with my own eyes, seen a promo trailer Michael Bay has already cut to bring investors on board— it’s a fresh, mindblowing take on the beloved Japanimation franchise. I’ve smuggled out a transcript.

INTERIOR: College party, California. Loud dance music is thumping. Everybody has solo cups and are throbbing to the beat. The girls are all HOT, and wear shirts cut or tied above the belly and cutoff shorts. Their mouths never close fully. In a corner stands SEAN IKARI, a white, 20-something kid in a “Queens of the Stone Age” t-shirt. He is glancing akwardly around the room. A hand claps him on the shoulder— it’s TAJIQUE “TJ” WASHINGTON, Sean’s cocky streetwise black roommate.

"Well well well, if it isn’t the life of the party, my man Sean Ikari.”

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Episode five of Tabletop Deathmatch features Pack the Pack, a simple card game about collecting the coolest loot you can. The game is designed by Meg McGinley.

More of Meg’s work can be found at, and she can be reached on Twitter at @bg_meg. Her indie game company can be found at

For more, check out her interview with Jared Rosen below where she discusses getting back to your roots, the role of feedback, and bridging the gab between play and design.

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Here it is! I’m doing the art for this! I hope it wins!

Some more Pack the Pack stuff! Here’s a bunch of the doodles I did getting the character designs down for our characters:

  • Phist Punchington (Race: Human, Class: Fighting Man)
  • Stella Hellabad (Race: Human, Class: Magic User)
  • Brix Rockstone (Race: Dwarf, Class: Dwarf)
  • Ahn Whee (Race: Elf, Class: Elf)

I wish these were better, but I really like working out of a sketchbook, and I have an atrocious scanner. Phist was the first adventurer I worked on; I didn’t have a clue what the art style was even going to look like— we had talked a little about Wakfu, and a little about more Western art, but once I drew that big dumb grin and that muppet nose, I had a really good feel for how everything else would fall in. 

If you think these guys are cool, I posted a blog yesterday with a bunch of art, including the cover, and a ton of links for both the game, and some of the cool things it’s going to be involved in. I’d super appreciate reblogs on that post if you can spare them! :D